I’m an engineer by trade but my passion is to create: the perfect wedding invitation suite for your special day, or a photo that captures a special moment between you and your loved ones, or a design plan for modeling equipment movement in and out of a underground lab in an old historic gold mine (yas to my day job). To me, these all connect to my drive to produce something from nothing, which is why I established this company – to allow me to pursue all things creative.

After graduating with my engineering degree, I was thrown into the most bizarre world of a career: the oil field in Casper, Wyoming. I worked with roughnecks, old schoolers, the good ol’ boys and everything in between; I learned to grow professionally in a male-dominated industry and I wouldn’t trade those four years for anything. But here’s the dang thing about the oil industry – there are some high highs and some low, LOW lows.

When oil prices dropped in 2015, I opened up DayDreamin’Engineer on Etsy as a creative outlet. I found myself coming home after work, staying up late working on a new design, or trying out a new technique in Photoshop. Hours would pass and this “work” never seemed to feel like work, ever.  Then something kind of magical happened (in hindsight, of course). I was laid off.  From April to September of 2016 I was able to let my creativity flow, uninhibited. I created the DayDreamin’Engineer blog, I dove in to my Etsy shop, I bought a new camera, I traveled, I photographed, I explored.

Then another amazing thing happened. I found another day job working in Lead, South Dakota at the Sanford Lab – an old historic gold mine converted into an underground lab focusing on high energy physics experiments. I mean, is this even real?

I sold my house in Casper and left some of the most amazing people I could have ever hoped to meet and moved to South Dakota. My fiance and our two pups, Charley and Dakota, now live in the most amazing setting of the Black Hills where I continue to explore and pursue all things creative.

I would love to create with you – design or photography or any kind of collaboration, really.

Drop me a line and let’s chat!

special thanks to cesly devault for these photos.