Guys, I’m moved into my house! YES, finally! I have so much work ahead of me (ugh).  Also, it snowed.  A lot. Two full stinking feet! I’ve been stuck in my house the last two days and I finally got out because my dear neighbors came and rescued me.

fall maternity shoot || daydreaminengineer.com

I’m at the coffee shop soaking in the wifi (because I don’t have that yet, try that on when you’re stuck in your new house for two days straight!).  I literally am shaking with excitement.  Wifi.  Girl, love you.  (Wifi is totally a girl, she’s too great not to be).

I DEGRESS! I wanted to post a few pictures from a photoshoot a did a month ago in Grand Junction, Colorado at the gorgeous Blaine’s Tomatoes & Farm

fall maternity shoot || daydreaminengineer.com

How beautiful is this lighting!  And how gorgeous is this mom-to-be!

Just a little something to brighten up your my snow day.  Happy Wednesday!

PS.  Check out the rest of these photos here!