I find so much inspiration from people pursuing their passions.  So much.

It’s such a gift to sit down with someone and just talk.  Talk about the day-to-day, or what is inspiring them, or the challenges of pursuing a side gig while having a full-on 9 to 5, or the desire to travel, or a bomb-ass margarita recipe.

I first met Kacey and her adorable family at a holiday family shoot last year.  Since then she’s created an amazing blog, Living with Liddy, and I’ve loved being able to follow along from South Dakota.  When I made a trip back to Gillette for a baby shower, I knew I wanted to sit down with Kacey and follow up on her creative endeavors.

First and foremost: there’s something special about being hosted in someone’s home.

Home is a safe space. It’s a place where people can just be, in their rawest form.  You get to know someone on a different level when you sit down with them in their home, where their dog patrols the backyard and their kiddo plays and learns and grows.  And then to make a meal or a drink to share, it’s something that just doesn’t happen enough in this world in my world.

A n y w a y, I digress.

Among other things, Kacey and I share the love of a simple lime juice margarita.  Fresh lime juice is on a whole different level, there’s no comparison.

(side note: in college I would spend the extra $5 at Table Mountain Inn to get their fresh squeezed lime margarita instead of the cheap house one that used the pre-mixed ickiness).

Kacey’s recipe is so simple, quick, easy to do while chitchatting with a nosey photographer (all the fingers pointing right here).

  • Kacey’s house is beautiful
  • Kacey is beautiful – inside and out
  • She makes a bomb margarita, check out the recipe
  • And she’s doing some really rad things on her blog (my favorite is this DIY bohemian floral mount, I used the same concept to make a wreath for my front door, and I’m contemplating something like this for my wedding!)

I felt like this needed bullets but gosh dang, I feel refreshed and inspired by Kacey and her blog.

What is inspiring you right now? Let me know in the comments below!