Hello! Happy week-after-a-holiday!

I’ve been debating some different posts for this week. (Someday, I hope to be that person that has posts planned out weeks in advance, however, I can’t even plan out my meals 30 minutes in advance – so it just ain’t happening.)

This same lack of planning has led to never ending to-do lists where I keep pushing off the things I don’t want to do while continuously adding more items to be completed.  Today though, oh today! Today, I finally added some new designs to my Etsy shop.  Holy, that’s been on my to-do list for months!

In celebration, I want to share some of the designs I’ve been working on recently.

Wedding Invitations

The very first wedding invitations I created were for my friend Kirstie.  She had a beautiful wedding in August 2015.  She hired a graphic designer who gave her a pricey quote.  As the wedding got closer and closer, Kirstie had a real hard time getting in touch with the graphic designer and in May she decided she needed to go a different route.

She called me up while I was in San Francisco visiting my family and asked if I could create some invitations for her, and in a hurry.  She sent me an email with a lot of different pictures and noted what she wanted to incorporate from each one.  I wish that I had taken a picture of those because that’s when I realized how much I enjoyed the process.

Gold Floral Wedding Invitation Suite || New designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

I love when a bride sends me a bunch of pictures, it’s like a puzzle, figuring out how to incorporate everything the bride is envisioning.

I also enjoy being able to give a bride exactly what they want at a fraction of the price because wedding invitations are outrageously expensive.

*The photos featured in the above invitation suite were taken by the talented Carrie Ann

(I’m going to do a DIY on envelope inserts soon.  Super easy.  But super pretty!)

These three are some of my favorites from the past few months.

There are plenty more invitations that I’ve had the honor of creating but I decided to narrow it down for the sake of this post.  I haven’t added any of these to my Etsy, and I realize that may limit my ability to reach more brides.  However, I like being able to have a conversation with a bride in order to make something custom and one-of-a-kind for them.  Maybe I’ll add them in the future, but for now, making custom wedding invitations is fun as heck for me.

Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal Shower Invitations is what I have sold the most of on Etsy.  Granted, I only have 93 sales, so I’m not dishing this babies out like a real badass Etsy shop, yet.

Watercolor Floral Bridal Shower Invitations with matching recipe cards || New designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

Designing bridal shower invitations is a much different experience for me.  These original designs reflect my style.  Yes, I make a crap-ton of edits for Etsy customers, but it’s not like designing wedding invitations where every font, color, design is created specifically for the bride and groom.

Mint Green Fern and Kraft Paper Bridal Shower / Bachelorette Party Combo Invitations with matching recipe cards || New designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

And I really like designing the complimentary recipe cards, because it’s something the bride will keep forever.  The above design for Gina was just added to my shop, one of the to-do-list items.

Floral Design Bridal Shower Invitations and matching recipe cards || New designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

Floral & mason jar kraft paper Bridal Shower Invitations with matching recipe cards || New designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

Bachelorette Party Invitations

I’ve also sold a lot of these bachelorette party invitations on Etsy.  It’s a super simple design that is easily customizable with different colors, fonts, etc. And my greatest accomplishment with these… I’ve sold two of them to Australian customers for Hen Parties! WOO!

Color-block Bachelorette Party Invitation || New designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

I just added a second bachelorette party invitation to my Etsy shop that I love! I made it for my friend Kaelyn, who hosted a baseball-themed bachelorette for her sister in Chicago.

"Last swing before the ring" Bachelorette Party Invitation || New designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

Baby Shower Invitations

This is my first printed baby shower design.  I made it for my friend Alyssa, who wanted an invite for a Baby-Q (so stinking adorable) for both her and her husband.

"Baby-Q" Mason jar & Ribbon Baby Shower Invitation || New designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

"Baby-Q" Mason jar & Ribbon Baby Shower Invitation || New designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

I have a file on my computer of baby shower design ideas that I’m hoping to try out soon, as I have a few friends that are expecting…

Housewarming Party

I made a custom housewarming party invite for an Etsy customer recently and it made me realize I should make some of my own to put up.  This design was for a friend of mine that’s really into vintage florals, it was a lot of fun making them and I loved how they turned out!

Vintage Floral Housewarming / Stock the Bar Party Postcard Invitation || New Designs from DayDreamin'Engineer

Well that’s it for now.

I’m literally making new designs everyday, so it won’t be long before I share some more. If you, or a friend, or a friend of a friend, are looking for wedding invitations or bachelorette party invitations or even doggie birthday invitations, send me a message! I would love to mock up a design to see if I can help make your event extra special.