So today’s Monday (enough said).

But on this particular Monday, when my rally renters move in and when I pick up Levi from the airport after 4 days in Vegas.  The Monday after I spent hours cleaning my house, and had to buy two bottles of bourbon after one shattered to pieces in my garage, and had to jumpstart my vehicle after leaving the keys in the ignition over night (palm to face emoji). The Monday when I showed up late to work with mud all over me from sweet little Dakota.  The Monday when I need all the coffee to get me through the day.

On THIS Monday, I’m feeling a bit beat down – but I’m also feeling inspired as heck.

I went to the Piedmont, South Dakota Pop Up Town and I met four incredibly inspiring women.  Four women that are pursuing their creative passions and are building up unique and beautiful brands.

Lane with Willow General Store hosted the pop up town.  Her store is so dreamy, one of those places that you walk in and you want everything, you can tell each piece was thoughtfully chosen. Located in the most gorgeous historic building on main street in Piedmont, she has ice cream and beer and wine and a lovely garden area for special events.

Sarah with The Vintage Lease had such a beautiful mock up for a birthday party.  Her styling is beyond stunning and I love the idea of being able to rent place settings for any special event, not just weddings (although I feel so honored to have her services for my wedding)!  OH, and her vintage furniture! All the heart eyed emojis.

Cody of Sage and Sorrel had the most gorgeous woven masterpieces.  I bought one for my entryway but I had a hard time choosing which piece I wanted to bring home – they were all so uniquely beautiful!  So much talent and she mentioned hosting workshops in the future, eeek!

Nancy with Fireside S’mores, holy yum! Homemade marshmallows and graham crackers – so delicious!  She’s considering doing weddings, like bringing a cart with supplies for s’mores and helping guests make them – how genius is that!

I left the Pop up shop feeling refreshed and inspired by these women.  I can’t wait to follow along and see how their businesses grow and develop. Here’s a few photos from Saturday to help you get some motivational Monday vibes going!

Who or what has been inspiring you lately? Let me know in the comments below!